Merlin AU where Merlin and Arthur’s roles are reversed

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Arthur: “Why are you crying?  It was just some silly holidays, we don’t need them.”

Merlin: “I’m not crying, you’re crying.  Literally.”

Arthur: “But I just don’t understand.  I love Christmas…  Why would she take that away?  AND new years!  I repeal the ban on magic and this is what I get in return!  Some crazy sorceress wiping celebrations out of existence!” 

Merlin: “At least you still have your birthday to look forward to— Oh!  I forgot. Sorry!  I’m sorry!”

Arthur: “I’m used to your foot being in your mouth by now.  I honestly don’t know why I’m crying again.”

Merlin: “No, this time I’m crying.  She really did cancel everything you had left.”


After The Once And Future King is done with saving the world and stuff he decides it’s time for a road trip with his Sorcerer


Merlin Reincarnation AU: Several months after Arthur returns, Merlin introduces him to video games.  They spend many late nights playing Mario Kart, Pokemon, and a few other classics, all with the ultimate video game console emulator Merlin was able to develop in his years waiting for his king.  Arthur’s the one who decides that they should make their very own YouTube channel. 



Arthur asking Merlins reluctant father for Merlin’s hand in marriage 



Merlin AU: When another innocent man is slaughtered at the hands of dark magic, Inspector Pendragon is not amused to find that the new detective he’s been assigned with for this case is none other than a sorcerer himself. 

Once we’ve solved this case, you’ll see not all sorcerers are bad.
A bit like you, then, Merlin?


merlin ships fest {merlin/arthur}
↳ day 4: modern au [arthur and merlin go to prom together and they get the spotlight at the end of the night.]

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merlin ships fest day 2: change the scene

Merthur modern AU - Doctor & Punk 

Merlin was the high school student dressed in punk,
he couldn’t afford to pay the gang and been heavily injured. 
A fresh-grad A&E doctor Arthur cleared his wound and healed him,
visit him everyday after his duties and learnt Merlin’s story…

Merlin lived under sorrow again after discharged from the hospital.
But Arthur found him, protected him until Merlin legal to be his husband.

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Canon AU

Arthur never died and Merlin had all the time in the world to show him that magic isn’t necessarily evil.

"As punishment for lying to me, you have to muck out the stables for two weeks though, Merlin."


"You can use your magic now."




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MERTHUR AU where merlin and arthur are dads who raise a baby girl together.

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