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5k Giveaway Prize 5 - Merlin AU where Arthur cooks and no one believes he did it for kat-a-clysm


Merthur AU - Marry in Japan

Merlin studied Translation in University of Japan and met Arthur Pendragon the football player from UK, who traveled to Japan for a holiday.

Merlin took Arthur to different famous sites from city to the countryside. They jointed the summer festival and kissed under the colorful firework.

They were so much in love and finally married in traditional Japanese style under the sunset.

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5k Giveaway Prize 4 - Merlin Magic Reveal AU for rocknvaughn

When Merlin publicly saves Arthur’s life with magic, Uther sentences him to death. Arthur, who is furious about this decision, helps him escape.



AU where Merthur are doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



Merlin AU - Constantine
(created for pthon’s week 7 bonus challenge)

Arthur battles the forces of Evil—hunts, kills, exorcists, and generally kick demon ass—in hope of gaining his way back into Heaven. Merlin’s always been able to see angels and demons, but has managed to keep his head down until the moment where he couldn’t and found himself hunted down.

Arthur’s case brings him to Merlin and together they have to figure out why demons are suddenly trying to cross over into our world without taking possession of a host. There’s lots of ass kicking and sassing annoying, unhelpful angels and demons alike, and falling in love and generally being so over Heaven and Hell thinking that this world is their goddamn playground.



Merlin AU: in which Merlin and Arthur got to raise Aithusa.  But then she went missing for several years.  And when she is reunited with her “Daddy Arthur” and “Papa Merlin”, things are no longer the same as before…or are they?



Merlin Warm Bodies AU
Staring zombie!Merlin and Hunter!Arthur. I drew this artwork for In a Land of Zombies and a Time of Prats by itwasyummy, under the After Camlann Merlin Big Bang challenge

Chapter headings below the cut & larger versions of the art in the links.

[high res Merlin] [high res Arthur] [Masterpost on LJ] [my art tag]

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Merlin AU where Merlin and Arthur’s roles are reversed

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Arthur: “Why are you crying?  It was just some silly holidays, we don’t need them.”

Merlin: “I’m not crying, you’re crying.  Literally.”

Arthur: “But I just don’t understand.  I love Christmas…  Why would she take that away?  AND new years!  I repeal the ban on magic and this is what I get in return!  Some crazy sorceress wiping celebrations out of existence!” 

Merlin: “At least you still have your birthday to look forward to— Oh!  I forgot. Sorry!  I’m sorry!”

Arthur: “I’m used to your foot being in your mouth by now.  I honestly don’t know why I’m crying again.”

Merlin: “No, this time I’m crying.  She really did cancel everything you had left.”


After The Once And Future King is done with saving the world and stuff he decides it’s time for a road trip with his Sorcerer