Hi! I've noticed a lot of people ask you for fics? Can I do the same? I was wondering if yo know of any fics that you'd recommend where Uther is a shitty/abusive parent?

Of course you can! Although Uther’s a bit of a dick in most fics, so that’s a challenge XD

Keep the Magic Secret + sequel
Uther comes to a realisation about his son’s manservant, but he also recognises that he’s not ungrateful.

Loneliness be over by elirwen
Arthur has changed, and nobody knows why. Merlin finds out.

Together we’re stronger by Violette_Royale
Twelve-year old Merlin’s life is not easy. Growing up in his abusive step-father Uther’s house, as the bastard child that Ygraine bore her lover, he has learned from a young age to be inconspicuous. His only safety is Uther’s ward, eighteen-year old Morgana. With her, Merlin shares his dreams of a fantasy world inhabited by dragons, knights and sorcerers. When Morgana is thrown out of the house after a quarrel with Uther, Merlin has to transfer his allegiance to seventeen-year old Arthur, the brother he has never really trusted. Despite their initial animosity, Arthur becomes the source of Merlin’s growing infatuation. When disaster strikes again, it is Merlin who has to become the strong one. In the aftermath, Merlin and Arthur grow much closer than what is proper for brothers.

Reward and Punishment by firewolfsg-fic
Uther deals out both punishment and reward for Arthur’s defiance.

Your own endless shame KMM
Arthur has grown very beautiful.

8x12x18 by skellerbvvt
Uther blamed Arthur for Igraine’s death but couldn’t bring himself to kill him. Instead he keeps him locked up because Arthur looks just like Igraine and he can’t bare to look at him. Uther remarries and has other kids so the heir issue isn’t a problem. Merlin comes to Camelot and he accidentally comes across the place where Arthur is locked away. They talk through the door and eventually end up falling for each other.

Numbers and figures by planejane
Uther is violent at home and Arthur has to hide the bruises in school. New pupil Merlin sees through his popular bullshit at once and discovers the truth.

This list might also interest you ;)


This foreshadowing actually kills me. If Merlin could just find Arthur again, he would be his servant in every life until the end of time.

» Merlin Writers: Monthly Theme Challenge


(I love this so much.)


AU where Merthur are doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Hi! Hey do you know a fic where Arthur nd Merlin are 2nd grade teachers and their relationwhipnis secret until Arthur tells everyone in a welcomeparty for morgana and uther doesnt take it very well until the end (he apologizes also igraine is alive)

That sounds like:

A Hidden Love by allthingsmagical
Merlin and Arthur are in a relationship and in love but hide it from everyone, Arthur being told by Merlin it is best to keep it a secret so it can continue to be just them believes him until he overhears Merlin telling his mum the real reason he wants to keep their relationship a secret…


i just imagine merlin seeing this and breaking down

Do you really want to live forever?

» Theme: Quickies, Frantic Gropes, Desperate Times



Merlin AU - Constantine
(created for pthon’s week 7 bonus challenge)

Arthur battles the forces of Evil—hunts, kills, exorcists, and generally kick demon ass—in hope of gaining his way back into Heaven. Merlin’s always been able to see angels and demons, but has managed to keep his head down until the moment where he couldn’t and found himself hunted down.

Arthur’s case brings him to Merlin and together they have to figure out why demons are suddenly trying to cross over into our world without taking possession of a host. There’s lots of ass kicking and sassing annoying, unhelpful angels and demons alike, and falling in love and generally being so over Heaven and Hell thinking that this world is their goddamn playground.