• Merlin: Arthur is such a jerk
  • Other person: I know right? He's such an arse



merlin scenes 

'forgive me if i slip away'


- Why did you never tell me?
- I wanted to, but…
- What?
- You’d have chopped my head off.

You know, this thing’s not bad.

Thought you might like it.

Will you still help if someone loses a fic? :) thank you for always being lovely

Absolutely, we will still reply to those kind of requests :)

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Arthur + admitting Merlin was right

I thought we’d lost you!

Do you know some genderswap fics where both of them become girls?

Fics where a spell turns both of them into females are rare and I don’t think I’ve ever read them. You’ll find many fics where one of the two is genderswapped as result of a curse or a spell-gone-wrong.
Anyway, I’ve put together some fem!Arthur and fem!Merlin (most of them have canon-setting).

Merthuretta series by doctor_badass
Arthuretta has hidden things from her mother, Uthra, in the past, like her training to be a knight, but never as strange or unexpected as this. Merlina, her servant, has seemed to have affection only for her lover, Morgan, but she slips up one time, and everything is flipped. Genderwise, that is. ;)

The two of us are a perfect fit by kim47
Merlin looks at Arthur like she’s everything.

You & I by hopeisathreat [WIP]
Merlin and Arthur are both girls, met through the internet, have no clue with gender the other is but are hopeless for one another anyway. This is basically just Merlin being ridiculously excited over Arthur soon coming over.

Sealed with a kiss by luu1234
Princess Arthur of Camelot hates having to act like, well, a princess. She’s always felt for comfortable in armor than in dresses. One day, as a result of an argument between Uther, Arthur stormed out of the castle and takes a walk in the forest, where she finds Merlin. A girl who seems too fond of the idea of execution, talks to animals and is apparently a socerress.

Five Necessary Fact by Sham
The first thing you need to know about Princess Arthur is that, no, it is not her name.